The short answer is that I don't think YOU can make it thread safe - this is something 
IBM would have to do - UNLESS you wrote a wrapper that forced single threading (which 
sort of defeats the purpose)

Would something like RedBack provide an adequate alternate solution for you? (Could 
also use 2/3 of our Visage stack to work with ASP if you REALLY wanted to, but you 
then loose "nice" things like dictionary aware drag & drop designer)

Ross Ferris
Stamina Software
Visage – an Evolution in Software Development

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>Nooooo. Let me try and prevent the pain I had to go through.
>We avoided Uniobjects because by design its use is for client/server
>And it doesn't handle multiple concurrent requests. Knowing this
>We used UniOLEDB and it turned out to have concurrency issues as well
>whereby the driver threads correctly but the unirpc service queues
>All requests and processes them serially. On a simple
>Query 1 user takes 5 seconds and if 2 users hit the page they both take
>9 to 10 seconds and so on. Our backend is Unidata 5.2 so it may be
>for universe but please, please do some concurrency testing before you
>Embark on any project. We have had to rewrite totally with Raining
>Pick Data provider.
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>From: Cooper, Rudy [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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>Subject: Uniobjects & Asp
>Hello Everyone,
>I have a requirement to use Asp with Uniobjects.  Our OS is W2K and the
>backend is UV 10.0.10.  I was thinking about creating ActiveX Dll's in
>VB6 that would do things like create a UV session, instantiate subr
>object, etc.  I read in the u2-users list archive something to the
>effect of Uniobjects not being thread safe.  Does that still hold true ?
>If so how do you make it thread safe ?
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