For an example of what's possible, see these links: (audio/video presentation)

Unattended, all Pick BASIC, no CSV files or XML or other file I/O or
translations, full formatting with charts and all other features of Excel.

Internally I've written a COM-AddIn for Excel that listens for socket calls
and processes the requests - that's a fast and direct pipe, no intermediate

Another benefit of this is that many users in an office can share a single
copy of Excel on a given host, or the MV server can use the Excel that's on
the MV client PC.

NebulAnalysis is not being offered over U2 at this time as a product but I
am willing to implement the features as a service.  It's been a long time
since I've done anything with this, honestly because most people are quite
happy with  the traditional mess of writing a CSV, doing some manual import,
then manually reformatting after they've done the import.  In a world where
people want everything automated I really don't understand this intense
desire to do everything manually with Excel.

Inquiries welcome.
Tony, Nebula R&D
(Moderator for Spectrum, Las Vegas)

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>Hi All,
>       We are looking for a process, where a report run in 
>UniVerse can feed direct into excel, with no human action 
>being taken - or as little as possible. If you have a process 
>or tool where you can do this, and are willing to share this 
>information, please e-mail. We are on UniVerse 10.0.19 and AIX 5.2
>       Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
>Thanks and have a great day!
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