Well, here is one way, given you are running Unix and want to use windows...

If you just want to load data into Excel and you only want to do this
on one windows machine.

There is a lpd/lpr daemon program I use (www.brooksnet.com) called RPM which
when setup on a windows machine, looks like a remote printer to unix. It has
the ability to take a print job, and force-feed it into an application.
You can set it up so it will stick put an .csv extension on the temp file
(print job) it receives and will then launch Excel, which will in turn read
the data and display it. On the unix side, you just create a ASCII csv file
and print it to the remote printer.

As discussed earlier, if you use XML, then you can get excel (newer
to do a bit of formatting as well, just change the lpd/lpr program to add an
.xml extension.

This is fairly low cost solution (I think a single license is about

If you want this on mulitple machines, a different method might be to write
small PERL program that runs as a service on windows, that when it receives
file via sockets, it then launches excel with that file. Have a Unix side
determine IP of requesting machine (another discussion :)) and open a socket
that IP and send the data to the PERL program.


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>Hi All,
>       We are looking for a process, where a report run in 
>UniVerse can feed direct into excel, with no human action 
>being taken - or as little as possible. If you have a process 
>or tool where you can do this, and are willing to share this 
>information, please e-mail. We are on UniVerse 10.0.19 and AIX 5.2
>       Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
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