Hi John,
We are using UV/10.0.17/aix to receive and convert XML documents. This works
quite well. It uses an extraction document, which is based on a subset of
XPath to extract data from XML documents and formats the output into a
dynamic array. Semantically, it's not always obvious why there are certain
requirements for the extraction document but, it works.

We parse documents into a number of dynamic arrays, correlating to our file
structures. There's a small amount of Basic code to prepare and parse the
XML and handle error conditions.

I believe that the changes for 10.1 are all positive with more Basic
functions and better access to the DOM.

XML to CSV. The method to use for that would be XSL/XSLT - the tool depends
on what skills you have available to roll you own using Java, Perl, MSXML,
etc or want to buy. Search GOOGLE you will find plenty of examples ("convert
XML to CSV" = 101 hits).


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> We're planning a platform migration to UV 10.1 and hope to utilize the
> built-in XML functionality to exchange data with our trading partners.
>  From what I read on the IBM U2 site it appears that XML can be created
> from standard UV files in 10.1.  Are there also tools that enbable data
> to go the other direction - from XML to a standard UV file?  Sorry if
> I'm not being specific enough, but I'm a newbie to XML.
> Also, since UV 10.1 has not been ported to our chosen platform yet, can
> anyone recommend an XML to CSV parsing tool?  I'm looking for something
> that can be run in batch mode, preferably on a unix server.
> Thanks,
> John
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