You can do this with the full version of Accuterm which costs $139, Accuterm
lite which costs $59 does not have this feature.  This feature is now
support by a terminal emulator called HotVT, at least in Wyse60 modes, which
is available for $39, if cost is a consideration.  Control is also better to
if you want the host process to wait until the local process is finished.
My host program launches the local process and then waits until it receives
a return code.  HotVT returns '...' when the local program is terminated.
The '...' is a user defined parameter that is passed to it.  Accuterm is
supposed to wait for the process to terminate, but I found that it wasn't.


Mel Maresh 

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    I know you can do it from AccuTerm, I don't know of a way to do it 
from wIntergrate.

    - Charles Barouch

Björn Eklund wrote:

>Is there a way of starting windowsprograms on the users PC from a Unibasic
>program or do I need Wintergrate or some other tool to do that?
>I would like to send a invoice number away to an invoice archive on MS
>sql-server to get a pdf copy of the invoice in an Internet Exploreror
>acrobat reader window.
>Björn Eklund

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