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> The whole point of using transactions is to ensure data integrity.
> Writing across a network is a pretty sure-fire way of inviting integrity
> problems.
> The only way to guarantee that you don't have problems is to ban mixing
> the two.

Interesting and yes I know this is supposedly banned.  But I would think 
rather than ban it, a two (or three) stage commit could be instituted that would 
allow it.  Or perhaps this would be a four stage commit let's see.

1) Write all the updates to a pending buffer.
2) Transfer any writes for other machines to those other machines.
3) The other machines do the writes, reserving a not yet committed flag.
4) The local machine does its writes the same way.
5) Final step is to trip all the flags ...

Something like that anyway.  Of course I can see why something that 
complicated would be outlawed but it seems possible.
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