Turning on "Interact with desktop" is what is causing these command boxes to
appear.  If you turn it off, they will go away.  Of course that will bring
you back to your original problem.
I don't really have any good ideas on that one.  We have many customers
running on Win 2k3 and have never seen this.  There may be a service in
Windows you need to stop or start. (RPC services may be the place to start).
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Hi all.
We have installed UV 10 in a win2003 box and it works well.
The only problem i've found is that UV-RPC service hangs after the very
first rpc connecttion.
After win2k3 restart, I can connect once again, and again all the next
connections are rejected.

I've found that, if I modifiy the "Interact with desktop" tab, inside the
service properties, it seems to works fine.

The new problem now, is that every UV-RPC conetcion opens a "command window"
in the server's desktop.

Any guess?

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