Last week I downloaded UniVerse PE and installed it on a Windows 2000
PC.  This computer is to be stand-alone, with no network connection.
Everything seems fine except when using ODBC on that same machine.  The
Test in the UniVerse ODBC Configuration Editor takes forever (1minute 20
seconds).  It does eventually succeed.  
When I run a simple Crystal Report on that workstation against a small
file on the UniVerse DataBase on that same workstation, it sends the
processor usage through the roof and takes several minutes.  If I
connect another PC to this one and run the same report, it runs in a few
It appears that UniVerse ODBC is intended for another PC (client)
accessing the server, and does not easily handle the client and server
being the same PC. 
Has anyone experienced this?  Do I need to set up ODBC a special way?
Or is this just the way UniVerse ODBC works when running on the same PC?
Dick Kryka
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