Our help desk group has an SLA with the business as a whole which describes
the hours of coverage (when they will man the phones), the relative manpower
for given times of the day/week, and some "guarantees" about how quickly
they will process an issue once it's been entered into their computer.

"Metrics" just means measurements.  Meaningful, predefined things that can
be tracked and measured to see if the team is meeting their SLA, or if
they're falling short of what they agreed to provide.

They track all sorts of metrics regarding each ticket.  Was it resolved by
the person taking the phone call?  Was it resolved by the next level up?
How many days did it sit before someone processed it?  How quickly did it
reach final resolution?  Stuff like that.  They generate reams of reports
that managers somewhere get all hot & bothered over.  The help desk managers
love to spin the numbers to make them look like the most effective &
efficient thing on the planet.

The Operations team (traveling technicians, etc.) does the same thing for
their work tickets.  Was the problem resolved remotely?  How many hours did
the tech spend on-site.  Stuff like that.

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So what does "Service Level Agreement Metrics"  mean.
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