I'm trying to set up a test/development web server to mirror some web
servers already in production. The server is NT 4.0, IIS 4. I've installed
Informix UniOledb provider and set up the connection in the UCI Editor. As a
test, I've used a Visual Basic application that makes a simple query to the
Universe database.


When I try to make a connection from an ASP page, the process/request hangs
on the Open call. My ASP code is:

        Set conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
        Conn.Open "Provider=Informix.UniOLEDB;User
ID=<user>;password=<password>;Data Source=unilessee"

Very simple.

Doesn't work.  I know the ADO is working, as I can connect to a MS SQL
database with no problem. There's something going in with ASP and the
UniOLEDB that I cannot figure out.  I already have a couple other servers
that are using UniOLEDB with no problem, and I've mirrored all of the
settings. But I'm stumped. I've reinstalled the UniOLEDB but that didn't

If anyone has any info, I'd really appreciate it.

John T.
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