Sorta makes me think of the booting instructions on a MicroData Reality.<grin>


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Not sure exactly, but I've got some cryptic notes here:
I think it's <A>+<B>+<D> <PWR> <PWR>
This will take you through some questions like "Software Update", etc. You'll have to answer these as you think appropriate for your needs.

If that doesn't work, I know that <CTRL> <C> will bring you to a dos prompt (depending on where you are when you do it). I don't know if it works from all areas of the unit's programming.

You can also force a reboot by holding down <4>+<5> press <PWR> wait 3 secs press <PWR> again, then release <4>+<5>.

I don't have a manual in front of me, so I can't double check at this point, but I think that the manuals are available on Symbol's website.

Hope this helps.
- Dave

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Does anyone know how to get back to the main configuration menu on a Symbol
PDT6800?  I'm stuck at: 'Terminal cannot associate with AP.  You're out of
range or not configured.'
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