First off those nested Loops are downright scary (reminds me of code I found as a QA 
manager when the programmer was stoned at the time) -- 

Ever try

1) performing the selects at TCL individually to make sure permissions haven't gotten 

2) Pulling out that code alone and running it with a debug after the select statements?

3) Does it only bomb out with others may be accessing any of the elements? (i.e. the 

> w2k uv 10.0.4.
> I have a Basic program that randomly drops the telnet connection (dies), but
> sometimes it does run to completion. I can't see any pattern. This is a
> "batch" program - no user input; selects several files and read/write. 
> When it dies it creates this entry in the Event Viewer (event id 1004);
> "UniVerse error: Unhandled Exception raised at address 0x101E037D : Access
> violation. Attempted to read address 0x00F71000. Binary data is processor
> CONTEXT structure.."
> Can anybody shed light on what the error is trying to tell me?
> TIA - Mark.
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