The best general source for RFID information that I know of is at

You may find some concern in your application regarding  privacy issues (see
articles at:


If I come across anything more specific to your request, I'll forward it to

I'll be interested in the outcome of your project.



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> Has anyone here worked with the RFID readers?
> We are looking to track attendance at meetings.
> Options are Barcoded badges, Mag stripe Cards - both require action
>    to scan.
> I was wondering if RFID might be an option. To imbed a RF tag on a
> badge, which when walking past a RFID reader would sense the tag
> and read it's ID.
> Anyone know of any good MFG's/Sites that discusses RFID implementation?
> One product I read had inches as the distance from reader and tag, can
> be increased to feet?
> Thanks
> George
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