I can't agree - you MUST have antivirus real-time scanner on MS Win server.
But id does make sense to simply exclude folders with UV accounts from
real-time scan. It works like a charm, btw.

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A good reason would be that your have just put your server under the control
of some very cpu intensive software.  I've seen to many cases where our
networking guys cranked up Norton or some other anti virus product on the
database servers and brought them to their collective knees.  One of the
great problems with Windoze (IMHO) is that it presents a pretty and familiar
face.  This results in stuff running on servers that simply should not be
there (screen savers, anit viri scanners, games, etc).

I say, don't run that anti virus junk on my db server and I won't crank up
SQL server on your firewall or PDC!!

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