A few pickups on this:

1. Find out who put Windows shares on a database server and have a
discussion with the person concerned. 
2. Who opened up the firewall to the network to allow this to happen?
Similar discussion to follow........

Remove Windows sharing as a facility and lock it up.
Get the firewall people to close it up - 

        The rule is close everything - open what you need. 

        The rule is *not* close what you don't want.

        If you ask a network administrator "Which ports did you block?" and
they start to tell you what they have *blocked* then have discussion (as
above) - give extra lumps

3. Who loaded a virus on a machine that was *not* protected and where from
("space invaders maybe?" or a mail attachment (some never learn)

I use AV software myself OK with no problems, but it is not configured to
"scan all files on opens" , "scan all files on reads" or "scan all files on
writes". It just scans all executables and scripts. Some AV software seem to
be friendly - others seem to be (distinctly) less so.

Can we have a straw poll on AV software? Just post a subject of ANTIVIRUS -
(name) - (version) *GOOD* or *BAD* as necessary - let's hear it.



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up until yesterday i'd have agreed with you. However a client got infected
with a virus that symantec *claims* to have known about since December, but
wasn't actually detected until i sent them the sample and it appeared in
last nights defs!
Virus spread via irc and *open admin$ shares* on the server - with weak
administrator passwords.
Therefore the server got infected. A realtime scanner would have picked this
virus up this morning. (just make sure the realtime scanner does not scan
the database itself)

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NEVER EVER run antivirus on a server.
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