Nope, never seen anything like this. I don't know offhand if there are any
restrictions (besides uniqueness) that are required of the user id. 

Can you logon to the console using that ID/password - taking UD out of the
Are there any "special" characters in your standards?

Colin Alfke
Calgary, Alberta Canada

"Just because something isn't broken doesn't mean that you can't fix it"

Stu Pickles

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>Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2004 8:17 AM
>Subject: UniData Telnet ID's
>Dear Group,
>I am on a random basis, getting an unusual problem with user's 
>UniData Telnet login ID's.  Just yesterday, I had a user who 
>was unable to login into our system.   He did not change is 
>password, nor was his login ID disabled or deleted.
>When I try to reset his password, the same problem.  I 
>disabled is old login ID and created a new one for him, but 
>the same results.
>Then I deleted is old login ID and create a new login ID, 
>using the same login ID as the old one.  Again, same results.
>Finally, I created a tempxxx, where xxx = the users name, and 
>this worked.  But, when I tried to copy the "temp" login ID to 
>create an ID according to our standards, the copied ID did not work.
>My questions are the following:
>*  Has anyone else experienced something like this?
>*  What could cause this?
>*  Finally, how to fix this.
>We are using UniData 5.1, which is running on a Windows NT 4.0 
>platform.  Just to let you know, even though my job title is 
>systems administrator, I am more of a database analyst/programmer.
>Any suggestions, advice, thoughts or comment will be greatly welcomed.
>Grant W. Boice, Jr.
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