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> I have noted with interest the high level of conversations 
> that occur here and appreciate the depth of knowledge 
> contributed by those of you who are consultants, Guru's and 
> Lovers of MV. 
> I commend you all and thank you as well. 
> Just want to share some experiences with you all. You may 
> appreciate it. I have been associated with MV since the late 
> 80's though not nearly at your levels. Advanced Revelation 
> was the most recent version I was associated with. Though it 
> did not always perform well due to quirks in Novel, Btrieve, 
> Indexing, file structure, but to me it was the best thing 
> going at the time. The application running on AREV I was 
> associated with was called MAPCON and it supported the United 
> States Antarctic Program which I was involved with for almost 
> 4 years. (got to the South Pole twice). I was comfortable 
> working with it and solved some pretty nasty problems in the 
> program using it. (once I got them following the business 
> rules built into the app) 
> It appeared to me in the early nineties that MV database 
> engines were not appreciated in general and that my future 
> was limited. The word was relational databases were 
> surpassing MV Db's in the industry. You all obviously had the 
> talent and sustainability to survive in the MV world, but I 
> chose to jump over to the dark side.
> I wound up consulting in the Nuclear Power industry, 
> Telecommunications and even at HR Block doing a little data 
> mining against data warehouses. Consulting projects 
> evaporated for me and I tried something quite different for a 
> while. I drove an 18 wheeler for 6 months, Long Haul. Now 
> there's a job. Guys, moving 80,000 lbs down the road provides 
> a totally different kind of stress and a keen appreciation 
> for the people that drive the big rigs. It didn't take long 
> to bankrupt me, though, but the life experience was worth while.
> At any rate, wonder of wonders, a little while after 
> returning to Charleston SC, a position opened up at the local 
> community college for which I interviewed. During the 
> interview, they asked me if I had ever heard of VOC or Data 
> Dictionaries. My jaw just about dropped. I chuckled and began 
> talking about AREV. Well, you know how rare it is to find 
> anyone that knows anything about MV, and even rarer still to 
> find anyone actually USING a MV db. But, Datatel is high on 
> it, and they have quite a client base. Yes, I got the job and 
> am the Benefactor administrator here. They also have the 
> Oracle version which rides below Unidata, with some wild 
> conversion algorithms to make it happen. 
> So what's the point of all this. I guess to share with others 
> who will know and understand a bit of what one persons 
> association with a particular db has meant to them during 
> their life and to thank you for sharing your life experiences 
> occasionally in this list.
> James (Jim) Yeatrakas
> Application Analyst
> Trident Technical College, Charleston, SC
> (843) 574-6634, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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