Currently We integrate with our UPS Worldship software by FTPing our
shipping info over to the UPS machine, then an ODBC is setup to link the
ftp file
to it's own use.

Then all we need to do is key in a "key" on the UPS software, it looks
up the shipping
and everything else needed and fills in automagically. As well, when we
close out the
UPS machine, it creates a file which we then FTP out and parse apart for
the tracking#.

Does anyone know if DHL's software can handle the same thing? or what
methods you
use to interface with DHL shipping software.

Any not too pricy (<$1000) 3rd party solutions ok as well.

We are on UV on Unix, and the DHL machine is on the network.


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Senior Programmer/Analyst
Accounting/Data Division
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