Will the sockets subroutine also strip out the CR/LF? If so, you
may need to use just plain socket programming from UV, and avoid
the http specific calls.

Also, would wget (if running unix) be an option? Not sure if it
will work to submit a form, I know it will retrieve data.


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>In the past, I have avoided short comings of callHTTP by 
>sending the request
>to my own java servlet - which in turn uses the power of Java 
>to send the
>final request on to the vendor.
>It puts an extra link in the chain, but did the job.
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>UV 10.1
>Hello all,
>We are trying to use callHTTP to submit and retrieve data to a 
>vendor that
>requires the use of multipart/form-data as the MIME type.  We 
>have hit a
>snag with the boundaries because char(13)'s appear to be 
>stripped out by
>callHTTP and boundaries need to begin with a crlf. IBM is 
>looking into the
>issue, but we are under time constraints with this one.  So we 
>are hoping
>someone out there has dealt with this issue before and has a 
>resolution or
>work around for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>As a side note, we are glad to hear this list will continue 
>and look forward
>to learning from it and contributing our thoughts to it.
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