I'm trying to install UV and UD Personal Editions.  I had an old download of
UVPE and am trying to install it.  Once upon a time i remember someone
mentioning what needed to be changed in uv.load to install it on a non-Redhat
system (Debian in my case), but i can't find it in the archives.  Anyone know?

Alas, i no longer have broadband and the UD download took about 8-10 hours and
didn't quite finish.  I got 67.1 MB of the 68.2MB of "rhlinux71_601PE.tar.gz". 
Thought i'd try to install it anyway and it almost worked.  The server loads and
presumably is running ok, but when i try to start the client, i get a message
saying the sys/VOC file is version 5.0 and needs to be 6.0.  Presumably
"updatevoc" would fix this, but, alas, it appears the files are in alphabetical
order and the extraction bombs out in the uojskd directory.  Since the download
is https, i assume there's no way to use something like wget to resume the
download.  I have to pay by the minute for internet here in Zambia, so i hate to
try to download the whole thing again if i don't have to since the same thing
could happen again.

Of course the easiest thing would be for someone to send me a gzipped tarball of
everything that extracts from "uojsdk/lib" onward.  I really don't think IBM
would mind, but in these lawsuit happy days, i understand most people wouldn't
want to do this.  Just wondering if there are any other options?

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