Follow up question -  Our WWSTATE file has close to 500,000 records.
Are these records needed or 'garbage' records to be purged out on
a regular basis ?

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>     We are running UniVerse 10.0.19. We are running RedBack
> ver 4.1.3.  We seem to be having a problem where our
> Responders go busy and never return to idle. Eventually all
> Responders go busy and our web 'goes down'. The log files
> show nothing that would even raise an eyebrow of uncertainty

Definitely not OT. We recently had this problem (or very similar) so we
have an answer for you.

It is my pet topic - Do an ANALYZE.FILE on WWSTATE file and report the
results and for the benefit of all we'll suggest suitable changes for

The WWSTATE file is heavily used by RedBack and some of the items can be
rather large. Correct set up of this file is essential. If the set up is
inappropriate then the system can get bogged down just trying to update
items in this file.

Also, you should ensure the GARBAGE COLLECT is done often enough to keep
entries in this file to the minimum.


Trevor Ockenden
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