Jim the short answer is you can't.
You can however strip all non printable characters by passing the data 
through OCONV(mydata, "MCP")
This turns all non printables into the period character "."
To seperate your fields, pass the data through a conversion like 
CONVERT(VM,"|", mydata)
which will turns all VM's into the vertical bar character
and so on

Excel has no problem with variable length fields, it has a problem with how 
to determine where they end.
It can read standard comma-seperated data however, so pass your data through 
CONVERT(AM,",",mydata) to indicate where each field ends.

However Multi-value data is not first normal form, it has embedded tables 
whenever you have VM, SVM or TM characters within one field.  Excel will not 
understand what to do with this.  For that you would need a programmer.

Let me see if I know one around here....

Will Johnson
Fast Forward Technologies  <-- "I put the ech in tech"

In a message dated 4/14/2004 7:35:05 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 

> I am hopeful someone can offer me some guidance.
> I have to move data off of my Universe system and send it to a PC for
> inclusion in a Excel Spreadsheet.
> Some background:
> Source data is alpha/ numeric and contains VM's, SVMs and TM
> Source data fields are variable lengths
> Requirements:
> Output must be fixed length
> Output must be importable into Excel (column definitions will be based on a
> fixed length map)
> My problem:
> I think Excel will choke on VMs, SVMs and TM characters. Is there a
> standard , ASCII character that I should use to represent them? To further
> complicate things, sone of the fields represent data that was input with
> little (or no restrictions), ie. any character on the keyboard was
> considered valid.
> Thanks
> Jim

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