Will an upgrade install affect /.unishared?

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Frank Bright wrote:

> What are you plans?  Do you plan to do an upgrade or
> concurrent install?  We do concurrent installs and switch the
> pointers in our accounts to point to the new install.  In the
> past we have had global routines that needed to be pointed to
> and test with the new account.  Now we do local so that we do
> not have to update the pointers, just test a few of our routines.
> If you have the space to do a concurrent then try that.  The
> old account will be there if you need something or need to go back.

> Yeatrakas,James wrote:

> We are a Unix shop using Unidata 5.7. We are being asked to
> upgrade to 6.0 in our LIVE system without much advanced
> preparation. If there is anybody who can point to anything
> that we should be concerned or aware of, your input is highly
> desired. We are scheduled to do this on 4/24 so don't have
> much opportunity to react. Thanks in advance!

First of all, you aren't running 5.7 - it doesn't exist.  You might be
running 5.2.7 perhaps, but it doesn't matter really.

Secondly, although there is much fear and doom being peddled in the
responses here, you should fundamentally be OK.

Make a copy of your (entire) current UniData installation.  It may
physically be in /usr/ud52, or it might be elsewhere and /usr/ud52 may be a
symbolic link to that location, or you may have two directories - a main
location pointed to by $UDTHOME and a minimal /usr/ud52 that got
automatically created when you last did an install.  Either way, what you
want to do is to create a single directory somewhere containing a copy of
your current $UDTHOME and anything in /usr/ud52 if that is a different
location.  This will include your current global catalog space in

LEAVE YOUR current copy of UniData alone except to make this copy.

Load the 6.0 binaries off the CD into the bin of the copy you have just
created and do an upgrade install of that copy.  That will leave you two
concurrent UniData installations, both containing any globally cataloged
programs and other customisations you've made.  You should be able to run
both at once in order to do your testing (don't access the same data files
at the same time from different versions though!).  Since you won't have
changed ANYTHING in your current UniData installation, you always have that
as a fallback if something goes wrong when you try to use the new version.

Ideally, you will need a window of an hour or so with no users on the system
while you do the upgrade install (updatesys) because it will try to shut
down UniData 5.2 for you might not quite get it right if you've had to
change UDTHOME beforehand.  Better to kick folk off, shutdown the real 5.2,
switch UDTHOME/UDTBIN to point to the copy and then do your updatesys,
switch UDTHOME back and restart the original 5.2 to go with the 6.0 which
updatesys will have started.  You might be able to get away without even
this hour, but ...



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