This is our first attempt at running our application on a Windows platform.
Previously we have run on UniData on Sequent then converted to UniVerse on
Sequent.  Currently running UniVerse on AIX 5.2.  The conversion from
Sequent to AIX required the Little / Big Endian swap and going back to Intel
requires that swap again.  We believe we have done that and to prove it have
run uvbackup over all files and recompiled all the programs.
I am beginning to think this may not be W2K3 as late yesterday we copied our
files to my old NT4 (SP6a) workstation and installed the UV 10.0.10 PE
version.  This gave the same results.
I have two thoughts - 
1.    is this a problem with PROCS - does anyone else run a UniVerse system
on NT which relies on PROCS to launch several layers of programs?
2.    our application is riddled with calls to the shell.  We have created
an item in the VOC to convert sh -c to DOS /c  -  might this be causing
problems.  We know there is a lot of work to convert all those shell
commands, but we just expected them to fail - not to cause wholesale
corruption.  On the original PDC version we installed the Unix for Windows
Service and things seemed to be working reasonably well.  Prior to that when
a shell script was found it would just freeze.
I believe we are seeing corruption of the session workspace.  This is
demonstrated by the loss of the correct @ACCOUNT or @LOGNAME and we have
also seen what appeared to still be a healthy session suddenly unable to
find a program in the VOC although it had been running it only minutes
before.  Simply recataloging the program made it available again. 
My biggest problem is - how do I get evidence to trace what is happening as
it is random.  
Any thoughts would be appreciated.  I get the digest so direct emails to me
at this address or [EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
would be appreciated
Sara Burns
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