We have seen similar problems in the past when NT user setups were copied
over.  We had to re-enter the users on Windows to get them to work.  You
might try setting up a new user in the user group and see if you can log in.
If that works, you probably will need to set up the users from scratch.
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Sent: Monday, April 19, 2004 12:31 PM
Subject: Users can't login to UV after upgrade from NT4 to 2003 SBS

Having a strange problem at a client site.

There sysadmins upgraded the server running Universe from NT4 to Windows
2003 Small Business Server.

Everything seemed OK, until regular domain users tried to login to universe.
It seems to accept username/password but then telnet session terminates
immediately afterward.

Only two users can log in. Both of these users where members of the
administrators group.

All other users where members of Domain Users and a special group called
UVUsers which we setup and granted the right to 'logon locally'. We checked
to ensure the group UVUsers had right to logon locally - it did. We then
removed and recreated the group UVUsers and gave it rights to logon locally
- that still didn't work.

Now here is the really bizarre thing. EVEN if we add any of the regular
users to the administrators group - THEY STILL CAN'T LOGIN TO UNIVERSE.

Only those two users that happened to be members of the administrators group
when the server was upgraded are able to login.

I'm stumped.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.


Joe Walter
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