Okay, I'll bite.

I use Linux exclusively, other than when forced to run win98 or win2000,
which I do on Linux in a VMware Workstation window, with my Linux
streaming video or audio running in the background... (my personal

Running gnome-terminal in 80x60 mode, I can connect to our traditional
'green screen' APP and see more, especially when coding more 'green
screen' parts to our APP.


On Mon, 2004-04-19 at 21:35, Ross Ferris wrote:
> Anyone up for a little "straw poll" ?
> A recurrent theme that I see played out in this & related forums is the "well, does 
> it run on MAC or Linux on the Desktop" question. Often, when asked, the people that 
> raised the issue don't have either platform in their installation - it is merely a 
> standard question that they feel compelled to ask ?!?
> Maybe it is just me - I don't live in the "big smoke" - but (to date) I simply 
> haven't seen any significant demand for workstation support (GUI or CUI) outside of 
> windows.
> SO, I think to myself, I wonder what the REAL numbers are - I mean theory is one 
> thing, but how do the numbers stack up in the real world? How many people are there 
> that actually do use, or WANT to use (I'm talking management want here, not the 
> "gee, if I had my way" kind of thing) non-windows platforms on the desktop ?.
> I'm happy to kick it off. Of the (application) systems that we have installed over 
> the years, discounting green screens, we have deployed to probably around 1,500 
> "workstation" devices --> all Windows (even back as far as 3.11)
> I've had the "Mac" option raised twice - I remember each one clearly ! Once at a 
> printers (who are 'big' MAC users traditionally) for 3 devices, and once at a 
> distribution company where the owner had a MAC at home he wanted to use remotely 
> .... that's it - potential market 4 out of around 1,500.
> Any other takers ? I need to point out that I'm not LOOKING for exceptions, merely 
> the "state of the desktop", so if you only have Wintel desktops, please step up & be 
> counted - and if there is a vast ocean of "hidden" MAC and Linux desktops out there, 
> please identify yourself ........
> Ross Ferris
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