Hi Peter,

Please see my previous message first of all about the helper message error.
Also the fact UniData hasn't cleared the processes up correctly yet, is
because as far as UniData is concerned they probally haven't died, this is
most probally down to your network settings which are not sending the
correct drop signals for UniData to recognise. You will have to wait for
the processes to timeout, UniData (and UniVerse) have a unirpcservices file
which controls the length of time your udservd process will be kept alive.
Also you will not be able to restart the Unirpc process until ALL the
process associated with it, have disappeared as the port will still be in
use. Some O/S's still take some time to free the port after all the
processes have been killed.

You may well need IBM support on this issue, have you tried contacting your
UniData supplier (who should have a support arrangement with IBM) as this
seems as if it could be quite a sticky one to clean up. However it could
all be related to your previous helper error .....


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