Thanks for the advice Charles. You definitely are right about what caused 
the problem. I tested a lab system by overloading a faster box and 
replicating the data to a slower box. That duplicated the error, too much 
disk i/o for the slower box to keep up its normal processes i guess. When i 
deleted the log file on the publisher that would not go away on its own, the 
error message would not occur again until i overloaded the publishing system 
again. By decreasing the time to say 5 minutes the problem would never occur 
again until i increased the level of disk i/o. leaving just now to fix the 
site. Thanks again for the help.

> Jeremy,
> Welcome to the group! I'm not familiar with the replication error 
> you're having but it sounds like you may want to simply try making 
> the replication time a lot longer. If the problem goes away, keep 
> halving the time until you find a 'sweet spot'. It doesn't fix the 
> problem, but it may make it go away long enough for you to find a 
> real answer.
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> Jeremy Adell wrote:
> >Hello all,
> >
> >The frequency of replication is 1 minute. 
> > Yesterday. the publishing system, another risc running on aix 5.1 with 
> >10.7, began to periodically give the error message 'udr log daemon is not 
> >responding, will try again' when trying to update certain files on 
> >publishing system. When the error message appears, the files will not be 
> >updated. A few seconds later, the same file may be updated without an 
> >message.
> >
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