To get BCI working from HP-UX 11.00 we had to use the Easysoft ODBC-ODBC Bridge, as it was too hard finding and compiling all the necessary parts as 64 bit. It's good software from good guys at a good price (~$1500 US), but it might be overkill for your situation. You could also write a client-side program (VB/Java) that reads the Access database through ODBC/JDBC and writes to UV thru UniObjects. (Okay, it could be server-side also, but you'd have to shell execute / cron it.)

David Beahm

Norman, David (SAAS) wrote:
Evening all,
I want to be able to write and read an Access database on the LAN, from
UniVerse 10.0.16 HP-UX 11i. Ray Daignault's comment about this in the
archives (2001) is that a Unix ODBC driver and Driver Manager are required.
Does anyone have any opinions on what drivers are better/worse than others ?
I am getting info from easysoft and openlink - anyone else worth talking to

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