Is there a particular time of day, day of the week, or system loading
consistency in when this corruption of the VOC happens?

Any processes writing to the VOC for any reasons?

How many users in the particular ACCOUNT where this 
particular VOC gets corrupted? How do the users access the 
ACCOUNT where this happens? Are these users physical dispersed
throughout a region, country, or the world?

Could you please re-post platform particulars?
System details - OS, # Processors, Disk configuration, 
memory configuration, any SAN, any multiple network connections,
OS Version and patch levels, U2 product version numbers, etc?

Any routine BATCH jobs or PHANTOM processes scheduled to 
run regularly in this ACCOUNT?

What type of application, and explain the typical processing schedule
that occurs within this ACCOUNT where VOC gets corrupted.

Any significant changes in anything for a month prior to when this 
problem surfaced, (and I do mean anything). 

Daylight Savings time kicked in during first weekend of April.
When did this problem start?

Just trying to brain-storm ideas that may come into play here.

Scott Richardson
Senior Systems Engineer / Consultant
Marlborough, MA 01752
eFax: 208-445-1259

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Hi Ray,

I have just switched it on now. I didn't realise you could turn it on
and off like that. 

Thanks David

The file is sized pretty well and is a type 11

Thanks Wol,

I have had engineers go through all the hardware logs to no avail. There
was a couple of small glitches during the last episode but the
recommendations of the engineers re: replacement of hardware were heeded
and the appropriate replacements were done. Problem has re-occurred
since then

I'll keep a close eye on the error logs from Universe to see if they can
help. In the meantime, I have saved the VOC away each hour and hopefully
this will allow a quick recovery if it happens again.


David Logan
Database Administrator
HP Managed Services
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Adelaide 5000

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Are you using UniVerse error message logging (enabled by creating the
error message file in the UV account) and, if so, does it tell you
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