Have you seen a CDN overloading a customer? Help me gather information on the 

What CDN? 
What have you identified the traffic to be? 
What is the access network? 
Where is the rate limiting done? 
How is the rate limiting done (policing vs. queueing, SFQ, PFIFO, etc,, etc.)? 
What is doing the rate limiting? 
What is the rate-limit set to? 
Upstream of the rate-limiter, what are you seeing for inbound traffic? 
One connection or many? 
How much traffic? 
How does other traffic behave when exceeding the rate limit? 
Where is NAT performed? 
What is doing NAT? 
Shared NAT or isolated to that customer? 
Have you done a packet capture before and after the rate limiter? The NAT 
Would you be willing to send a filtered packet capture (only the frames that 
relate to this CDN) to the CDN if they want it? 

There have been reports of CDNs sending more traffic than the customer can 
handle and ignores TCP convention to slow down. Trying to investigate this 
thoroughly so we can get the CDN to fix their system. Multiple CDNs have been 
shown to do this. 

Mike Hammett 

Intelligent Computing Solutions 

Midwest Internet Exchange 

The Brothers WISP 

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