I updated yesterday - with sudo apt dist-upgrade - and since then have
been experiencing this issue.

I log in normally, the desktop appears (with icons) but nothing else.
With right mouse click I can open a terminal, but windows have no
borders and no menus.

I have tried moving the following with no luck (rebooting where needed):

1. mv ~/.config/dconf/user to user.old
2. sudo dconf reset -f /org/compiz
3. rm ~/.gconf ~/.gconfd ~/.metacity ~/.compiz ~/.compiz-1 ~/.config/compiz-1 
~/.config/dconf -rf
4. mv ~/.config ~/.config.old
5. ccsm & and enabling unity plugin
6. I checked .Xauthority, etc but permissions were fine
7. setsid unity
8. and a few other things found online

Couple things to note.

1.  The guest user can login with no difficulty and gets a normal desktop
2.  My .xsession-errors only contain this:
  openConnection: connect: No such file or directory
  cannot connect to brltty at :0

I'm running Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS


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  Login Successful, Desktop Never Loads

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