I've been trying to explain that there really is no reason to need to
perform an update of this file, unless we are releasing a new
phone/tablet in a new country. However, I have made a branch which more
clearly states how to update the file with new languages, in an MP:


For the autopkgtests issue, we are committed to getting it fixed (and
even have MPs to do so now, but we are unable to land the fix for this
due to a race condition causing a crash when the scope is killed, in Qt
5.6, due to the change to use threads for async in QDBus. Once we can
get that bug fixed, we'll be able to land the change to re-enable the

With those two things under way, along with the python3 packaging fix,
can we move this MIR along to be approved then?

On Tue, 2016-09-20 at 15:28 +0000, Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre wrote:
> After further discussion on the subject; it's arguable that the
> departments.db file is data and not code, so not a blocker for main
> inclusion. I'll file about about just how clunky the process is
> though;
> I think this is a definite target for improvement of the package.
> Please
> see about including a README file (as mentioned by mterry) on how to
> prepare the update to departments.db when doing a new upload of
> unity-
> scope-click. This way we have less risk of omitting the update
> process,
> or someone without deep knowledge of how the package works can do a
> drive-by fix/update of the cache.

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