On Tue, 2016-09-20 at 16:57 +0000, Michael Terry wrote:
> OK, so with [1] I'm feeling a little better about the departments.db
> mystery.  There still doesn't seem to be information about which
> clicks
> are listed in the database, and thus which clicks you should have
> installed before running the init-departments tool.  If I'm
> understanding how the tool works...  But this is a step in the right
> direction anyway.  Hopefully the db will go away quickly regardless.

Yes. If I'd had the time, the db would be gone today. We just didn't
have time to do that for yakkety. As we move to only supporting snaps
in the scope over the next few months, it will definitely be going

> So all that's missing is someone committing to fixing bug 1532358 (or
> apparently, from latest reports, committing to working around it).
> They
> don't have to fix it right now, I just want to be assured that
> someone
> that cares about it is working on it, or will work on it soon.

Yes, Marcus is working on trying to create a minimal example which
shows the crash, so we can properly report the issue upstream. There
are some similar issues which seem to be fixed by another branch, but
we may be hitting a specific corner case in the scope. Hopefully it
won't take long to resolve that issue, but I can at least say it is
definitely being worked on right now.

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