Currently I have installed my own gtk app inside Ubuntu Phone Meizu MX4.
It works, because in the .desktop file I turn Xmir on:

  [Desktop Entry]
  Name=LazarusApp Demo
  Comment=Lazarus developed app, made to run via xmir

and inside my

  export QT_IM_MOUDULE=maliitphablet
  export GTK_IM_MODULE=maliitphablet
  #below is just added after reading the comments in this thread:
  exec $@

now, my app do launch and works, however, I just cannot get the onskreen
keyboard to show up. Again, it is a GTK app, not a QT one.

If there is no way to make this to work, then someone please tell me,
can I just use some shell command to just trigger the onscreen keyboard
regardless of the status of the focus inside my app? I mean, to
popup/hide the ISK fully programatically, without actual integration
with focusing on text input allowed control, but just on demand? Because
then, I could at least call the OSK programatically from my app.

Some of my recent experimenting with this stuff:,32090.0.html

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  keyboard does not show up on xenial

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