Just a comment I found interesting in regards to some earlier comments here, 
about the OSK actually showing up but then disappearing as a key on it is 
pressed. I was trying many different things to go about my problem of lack of 
OSK in my GTK app on the phone. One thing I did, was that I actually installed 
florence on my phone:
  $ sudo mount -o remount,rw /
  $ sudo apt-get install frorence
  $ sudo mount -o remount,ro /
then, inside of my app I created a button labelled "OSK", and in the OnClick 
event of the button I have put:

  Procedure Button2.Onclick(Sender: TObject);
     Unix.fpSystem('florence &');

Now, this is written in FreePascal/Lazarus, but the meaning is that I 
programatically call florence, and put it to background (&). ANd the thing is, 
the OSK actually DO show up! But just like in some earlier comments here about 
maliit OSK (which I can't get to show up, nor do I know a command to show it up 
programatically), once I press any button on it, it disappears.
Only if I hit a button that is kayboard input anyways, if I hit a button on the 
OSK that is simply opening florence's OSK setting window, then that window does 
show up, with all the settings, and I can work in that window, then close it 
and the OSK is still there. Until I hit any keyboard input button. Then it 

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  keyboard does not show up on xenial

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