** Summary changed:

- [0-day SRU] MAAS 2.1.0 RC1
+ [0-day SRU] MAAS 2.1.0

** Description changed:

  This is a new upstream release that addresses various issues and provides 
improvements to what is currently in Yakkety. This is a release candidate that 
- * MAAS new upstream bugfix release. MAAS 2.1.0 RC1 (bzr5479):
+ * MAAS new upstream bugfix release. MAAS 2.1.0 Final (bzr5479):
TestPartition.test_get_partition_number_returns_starting_at_2_for_ppc64el fails 
spuriously (LP: #1569365)
      - "Deployed" and "Deploying" are too similar (LP: #1598470)
      - Users' maas api keys do not have a name (LP: #1536354)
      - [2.1] Incorrect logging message - showing SERVICE_STATE.ON (LP: 
      - [2.1 UI] Images page "Queued for download" is confusing when selections
        are not saved (LP: #1631420)
      - [2.1b1] Dashboard column widths for discovered items are
        wonky (LP: #1631024)
      - [2.1b1] 'Registering existing rack controller' (LP: #1631022)
      - [2.1] Command 'interface link-subnet' does not work (LP: #1629604)
      - [FUJ] SSH input field not indicated for invalid username & the error
        is incomprehensible (LP: #1628114)
      - [2.1 ipv6] DHCP generation should not fail when address-family
        conflicts are present (LP: #1629475)
      - [2.0rc2] Commissioning node with gateway_link_v4 set fails. (LP: 
      - [2.1, 2.0 UI] Error when using dhcp range with pre-existing dynamic
        reservation (LP: #1608555)
      - [2.1b2] Node failed to be released, because of the following error:
        'NoneType' object has no attribute 'addErrback' (LP: #1632815)
      - [2.1, Yakkety, UI] UI error when adding a chassis (LP: #1632395)
      - [2.0, 2.1 UI] Other reserved IP ranges disappear when one of them is
        deleted on Subnet details page. (LP: #1631079)
      - [2.1b1] MAAS fails to deploy systems with 3+ TB disks (LP: #1630667)
      - [2.1 Yakkety UI] Unable to select nodes (LP: #1630633)
      - [2.0, 2.1] Release and list IPs reserved by another user (LP: #1629061)
      - [2.0rc2] Changing DNSSEC validation does not trigger configuration
        file update (LP: #1605476)
      - [2.1] Failed to mount a partition and it doesn't surface error. (LP: 
      - [2.1. Yakkety] "Map subnet" action doesn't work. (LP: #1632862)
  [Test Case]
  The testing done:
  1. Manual fresh install testing
  2. Manual upgrade testing
  3. CI testing
  All of this includes verifying normal operation and that issues are
  [Regression Potential]

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  [0-day SRU] MAAS 2.1.0

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