** Description changed:

-  * Current users running Xenial will be unable to upgrade to Yakkety,
- due to missing package.  The button to update basically does nothing.
+  * Current users running Xenial will be unable to upgrade to Yakkety via
+ the GUI, due to missing package.  The button to update basically does
+ nothing.
-  * To allow users to upgrade to
+  * Fixing this will allow the significant proportion of users likely to
+ upgrade via the GUI route to do so.
-  * In addition, it is helpful, but not required, to include an
-    explanation of how the upload fixes this bug.
+  * The package ubuntu-release-upgrader-qt is a required component for
+ GUI distribution upgrade in kubuntu, so reintroducing a dependency
+ ensures this  is installed by default for such users.
  [Test Case]
-  * detailed instructions how to reproduce the bug
+  * In software sources set the default Release upgrade path to Normal to
+ allow Xenial to Yakkety upgrade.
-  * these should allow someone who is not familiar with the affected
-    package to reproduce the bug and verify that the updated package fixes
-    the problem.
+  * In plasma-discover when offered the upgrade click the 'Upgrade' button to 
+  * Without ubuntu-release-upgrader-qt installed the upgrade does not launch - 
failing with any apparent error message to the user. In effect the button 
appears to do nothing.
+ * With ubuntu-release-upgrader-qt the upgrade launches and continues as
+ intended.
  [Regression Potential]
-  * discussion of how regressions are most likely to manifest as a result
- of this change.
+  * This is the installation a missing package via an updated dependency,
+ which is only used during release upgrades. Therefore it is anticipated
+ that the regression potential is minimal. We are restoring a package
+ that was always intended to be installed.
-  * It is assumed that any SRU candidate patch is well-tested before
-    upload and has a low overall risk of regression, but it's important
-    to make the effort to think about what ''could'' happen in the
-    event of a regression.
-  * This both shows the SRU team that the risks have been considered,
-    and provides guidance to testers in regression-testing the SRU.
- [Other Info]
-  * Anything else you think is useful to include
-  * Anticipate questions from users, SRU, +1 maintenance, security teams and 
the Technical Board
-  * and address these questions in advance
+ [Original report:]
  Xenial 16.04.1
  plasma-discover (5.6.2-1ubuntu1)
  Previously in wily muon-updater depended on ubuntu-release-upgrader-qt,
  meaning this was installed by default.
  In Xenial muon-updater became a transitional dummy package for plasma-
  discover-updater, and this dependency was not carried over, resulting in
  ubuntu-release-upgrader-qt not being installed by default and a GUI
  release upgrade to Yakkety 16.10 failing silently to the user after the
  'Upgrade' button in software upgrades is clicked.
  The bug is initially filed against plasma-discover, however it may be
  more appropriate to update dependencies of another package instead.

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  missing depends on ubuntu-release-upgrader-qt - breaks GUI upgrades to

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