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> Ping - Since 2.10 likely will be too late to make 17.10 polling for related
> commit ID's for p9 support

I haven't sent the commit IDs yet because I could not validate the whole HPT 
scenario on P( yet.
The only patches that should be needed on that are related to the basic P9 
enablement. I will post the commit IDs again here:

40fda982f2e ppc: remove cannot_destroy_with_object_finalize_yet
f3d9f303acb target/ppc: Improve accuracy of guest HTM availability on P8s
c64abd1f9c7 spapr: Add ibm,processor-radix-AP-encodings to the device tree
cf1c4cce7c0 target-ppc: support KVM_CAP_PPC_MMU_RADIX, KVM_CAP_PPC_MMU_HASH_V3
d77a98b015 target/ppc: Add new H-CALL shells for in memory table translation
b4db54132ff target/ppc: Implement H_REGISTER_PROCESS_TABLE H_CALL
86d5771a5a spapr: move spapr_populate_pa_features()
9fb4541f580 spapr: Enable ISA 3.0 MMU mode selection via CAS
e957f6a9b92 spapr: Workaround for broken radix guests
9bf502fe127f spapr: Don't accidentally advertise HTM support on POWER9
ccd531b9c9d target/ppc: Add ibm,processor-radix-AP-encodings for TCG
5f3066d8b10 target/ppc: Allow workarounds for POWER9 DD1

The patches applied straight forward so I've been able to test it and
also created a branch which contains 2.9 + those patches back ported:

But there is a FFE (Feature Freeze Exception) 
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qemu/+bug/1699968 to get QEMU 2.10 
into Ubuntu 17.10
So most probably, no backport will be needed.

Also the tests on QEMU 2.10-rc2 have already started

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