** Description changed:

+ == SRU Request, Artful ==
+ Enable ZFS module to be loaded without the broken ubuntu-load-zfs-
+ unconditionally.patch.
+ == Fix ==
+ Add a new zfs-load-module.service script that modprobes the ZFS module
+ and remove any hard coded module loading from zfs-import-cache.service &
+ zfs-import-scan.service and make these latter scripts require the new
+ zfs-load-module.service script.  Also remove the now defunct ubuntu-
+ load-zfs-unconditionally.patch as this will no longer be required.
+ == Testcase ==
+ On a clean VM, install with the fixed package, zfs should load
+ automatically.
+ == Regression potential ==
+ ZFS module may not load if the changes are broken. However, testing
+ proves this not to be the case.
+ --------------------
  I just noticed on my test VM of artful that zfs-import-cache.service
  does not have a ConditionPathExists=/etc/zfs/zpool.cache. Because of
  that, it fails on startup, since the cache file does not exist.
  This line is being deleted by 
debian/patches/ubuntu-load-zfs-unconditionally.patch. This patch seems to exist 
  This patch still exists in bionic, so I assume it will be similarly
  If the goal of the patch is to load the module (and only that), I think
  it should create a third unit instead:
   ^^ runs modprobe zfs
  zfs-import-cache.service & zfs-import-scan.service
    ^^ per upstream minus modprobe plus Requires=zfs-load-module.service
  I have tested this manually and it works. I can submit a package patch
  if this is the desired solution.
  Interestingly, before this change, zfs-import-scan.service wasn't
  starting. If started manually, it worked. I had to give it a `systemctl
  enable zfs-import-scan.service` to create the Wants symlinks. Looking at
  the zfsutils-linux.postinst, I see the correct boilerplate from
  dh_systemd, so I'm not sure why this wasn't already done. Can anyone
  confirm or deny whether zfs-import-scan.service is enabled out-of-the-
  box on their system?
  Is the zfs-import-scan.service not starting actually the cause of the
  original bug? The design is that *either* zfs-import-cache.service or
  zfs-import-scan.service starts. They both call modprobe zfs.

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  zfs-import-cache.service fails on startup

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