zfs-load-module.service seems to have a Requires on itself? That has to
be wrong.

Also, zfs-import-cache.service and zfs-import-scan.service need an After
=zfs-load-module.service. They're not getting one automatically because
of DefaultDependencies=no (which seems appropriate here, so leave that
alone). Scott, can you try this? I think it will fix your issue, since
zfs-mount.service already has After=zfs-load-cache.service and After

The proposed package, with the changes above should fix the issue I'm

However, LP #1672749 says, "Since zfsutils-linux/, zfs module
is not automatically loaded on systems that no zpool exists, this avoids
tainting everyone's kernel who has the package installed but is not
using zfs." Is this still an important goal? If so, wasn't that lost
with ubuntu-load-zfs-unconditionally.patch? Or perhaps something is
keeping zfs-import-scan.service from being enabled by default?

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  zfs-import-cache.service fails on startup

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