Hi Daniel,

On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 9:56 PM, Daniel van Vugt
<daniel.van.v...@canonical.com> wrote:
> Nish,
> To figure the problem out you will need to be logged in already while
> it's happening(!), so..

Yeah, tricky when the machine physically seems to be hung (no
touchpad, no responsiveness to keyboard)

> 1. Log into a VT (Ctrl+Alt+F4) or install openssh-server and log in from a 
> separate machine.
> 2. Run 'top' to find the ID of the spinning process.
> 3. Run:
>    kill -ABRT <PID-of-spinning-process>
> 4. Wait a while for crash files to be written.
> 5. Look in /var/crash for crash files and run:
>    ubuntu-bug /var/crash/YOURFILE.crash
> 6. Add a comment here telling us the ID of the new bug.

Thanks for the info!

I just was wondering, as the responsiveness of the desktop feels very
different, and it does seem like I'm now on an Xwayland session, even
though I didn't change anything. I wonder if it's Wayland that's
actually crashing?

gdm       2795  0.0  0.0 190684  5496 tty1     Ssl+ Mar05   0:00
/usr/lib/gdm3/gdm-wayland-session gnome-session --autostart
gdm       2878  0.0  0.3 563888 55076 tty1     Sl+  Mar05   0:00
/usr/bin/Xwayland :1024 -rootless -terminate -accessx -core -listen 4
-listen 5 -displayfd 6
nacc      3428  0.0  0.0 190684  5408 tty2     Ssl+ Mar05   0:00
/usr/lib/gdm3/gdm-wayland-session gnome-session --session=gnome
nacc      3502  0.0  0.3 565704 56056 tty2     Sl+  Mar05   0:02
/usr/bin/Xwayland :0 -rootless -terminate -accessx -core -listen 4
-listen 5 -displayfd 6

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