> It looks like SetAffinity is broken on arm64 in the new version and
> in fact was probably broken already in
> golang-golang-x-sys/0.0~git20180126.0.ff2a66f-1 ... which was
> the version that added SetAffiinity at all so it's probably always
> been broken... which probably means an upstream bug report...

I think you are right: the SchedSetaffinity stuff was added recently
on 2018-01-05, and here are links to the upstream GitHub issue and
code review:

 * x/sys/unix: add sched_getaffinity/sched_setaffinity

 * unix: add SchedGetaffinity and SchedSetaffinity on Linux

> Actually I'm very very confused by this.
> I can't reproduce it on the porter box, maybe it
> only happens in a VM (which is what the autopkgtest run in)
> for some reason. If you have access to a vm on arm64 ...

Unfortunately, I don't have access to a VM on arm64 either...
or perhaps I could follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM64/QEMU
and see if it can be reproduced with qemu-system-aarch64
running on my x86 (amd64) host?  :-D

Anyhow, I'll collect more information and file an upstream bug soon.

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