Combining all those also allows us to take the changes (since they only
add definitions the only context they had were "each other) without any
backport noise.

** Description changed:

   * The libseccomp library provides an easy to use, platform independent,
     interface to the Linux Kernel's syscall filtering mechanism. But it can
     only "control" those syscalls it knows about. Therefore staying up to
     date with newer kernels is a requirement to be fully funcitonal.
   * At the time 18.04 was released with the 4.15 kernel the new definitions
     were not yet released for libseccomp - lets fix this mismatch by
-    backporting the new syscall definitions [2][3].
+    backporting the new syscall definitions [2][3][4].
  [Test Case]
   * TODO
  [Regression Potential]
   * This isn't adding new active code like functions, but only extending
     the definitions of per-arch syscall numbers to be aware of the newer
     syscalls that were added in the kernel. Therefore no old use-cases
     should regress (they are not touched). The only change in behavior for
     an SRU POV would be that things that got denied so far (e.g. if you
     tried to set such a new syscall through libseccomp) was denied before
     and would now work. I think that is exactly the intention of the SRU
     and not a regression.
  [Other Info]
   * Requested while security reviewing an libseccomp SRU to have one update
     for both [1].
-  * we also missed the former update for kernel 4.9 [3] as the official 
-    releases of the lib are rather slow.
+  * we also missed the former update for kernel 4.9 [3] AND 4.10 [4] as the 
+    official releases of the lib are rather seldom.
  This came up while working on bug 1755250 which asked for statx.
  But on the review of that it was pointed out [1] that it would be great to 
support further new kernel syscall defines - this isn't even looking at HWE 
kernels for Bionic, but "just" adding those which are there for the 4.15 kernel 
Bionic was released with.
  With the HWE kernels in mind there would be even more one might want to add, 
but there is no newer such update in the upstream repo yet.
+ [4]:

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  please update libseccomp for newer kernel syscalls

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