Dan, if the download you are referring to is a refresh, note you can
rate limit *auto*-refreshes (that is, non-interactive refreshes) via
`snap system set refresh.rate-limit <some limit>`. For interactive
refreshes and installs, you can replace them with a `snap download`
followed by a `snap ack` and a `snap install`, and `snap download` will
leave a .partial file if you interrupt it.

The problem with having snapd itself leave a partial file when the user
has explicitly cancelled a manual install or refresh is that it's
impossible to know when leaving the partial is the right thing to do.
There are a couple of ideas going around as to how we _could_ make this
better, but there's no solid way of doing it, they're both fiddly, and
fall apart in some situations meaning there'd have to be a way of tuning
the behaviour, which just makes the whole thing a mess.

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  snap does not resume unfinished downloads

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