Hi Dariusz,

I reviewed the debdiffs, they look good overall.

I just had some minor changes to reflect review
practices/comments that I have been thru myself:

- Nice catch on updating the Maintainers field.

- Changelog order of patch file/description:
  I changed to file first, description later,
  as I've seen as more used/standard practice.

- DEP3 headers are present in the .patch; good.

I updated from 'Origin: upstream' to 'backport'
because the patch has a removal of (unneeded)
release notes file. 

Even being uneeded, there were changes to the
upstream patch, so it's no longer clean apply/
cherry pick, thus the change to 'backport',
per Debian DEP-3 spec [1]:

  "backport" (in the case of an upstream patch that had to be modified
to apply on the current version)

I added a '[backport]' section to the .patch
file describing that. (and this other change:)

I also noted that on Xenial there are changes
actually needed to src/server/__init__.py, so
arguably indeed a "true" backport this time.

Oh, and there's a digit missing in Bug-Ubuntu
number, just added that/goes to right URL now.

- Xenial fix on .patch file:

Still on Xenial there's an extra '+'/plus sign
in the commented line added to __init__.py, so
I fixed that one:

   +++#WSGISocketRotation Off

Bionic had that right:

   ++#WSGISocketRotation Off

- Version numbers look good/upgrade path is OK:

- - Versions 4.3.0-1.1ubuntu1 and 4.5.17-1ubuntu1
    never existed in package's publishing history [2].

- - Upgrade path is OK in the same release.

$ grep -m2 urgency= x/dput/lp1863232_xenial_mod-wsgi.debdiff 
+mod-wsgi (4.3.0-1.1ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium
 mod-wsgi (4.3.0-1.1build1) xenial; urgency=medium

$ dpkg --compare-versions 4.3.0-1.1build1 lt 4.3.0-1.1ubuntu1 ; echo $?

$ grep -m2 urgency= b/dput/lp1863232_bionic_mod-wsgi.debdiff 
+mod-wsgi (4.5.17-1ubuntu1) bionic; urgency=medium
 mod-wsgi (4.5.17-1) unstable; urgency=medium

$ dpkg --compare-versions 4.5.17-1 lt 4.5.17-1ubuntu1; echo $?

- - Upgrade path is OK across releases (t/x/b/e)

$ rmadison -a source mod-wsgi | grep -e trusty -e eoan
 mod-wsgi | 3.4-4ubuntu2           | trusty           | source
 mod-wsgi | 3.4-4ubuntu2. | trusty-security  | source
 mod-wsgi | 3.4-4ubuntu2. | trusty-updates   | source
 mod-wsgi | 4.6.5-1                | eoan      

$ dpkg --compare-versions 3.4-4ubuntu2. lt 4.3.0-1.1ubuntu1 ; echo $?

$ dpkg --compare-versions 4.3.0-1.1ubuntu1 lt 4.5.17-1ubuntu1; echo $?

$ dpkg --compare-versions 4.5.17-1ubuntu1 lt 4.6.5-1 ; echo $?

That's it!


[1] https://dep-team.pages.debian.net/deps/dep3/
[2] https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mod-wsgi/+publishinghistory

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