This bug was fixed in the package brltty - 6.4-6ubuntu1

brltty (6.4-6ubuntu1) kinetic; urgency=medium

  * Resynchronize on Debian
    - Remaining changes:
      + add brltty-setup
        - debian/brltty-setup
        - debian/brltty.install
        - debian/rules
      + add initramfs integration to run brltty-setup if necessary before
        plymouth starts
        - debian/control
        - debian/initramfs/
        - debian/initramfs/hooks/
        - debian/initramfs/scripts/init-premount/brltty
        - debian/initramfs/scripts/init-top/brltty
        - debian/brltty.dirs
        - debian/brltty.install
        - debian/brltty.postinst
      + add ubiquity integration to propagate any brltty configuration to the
        target system
        - debian/31brltty
        - debian/brltty.dirs
        - debian/brltty.install
      + add udev rules file that uses brltty-udev.service to activate via
        - debian/brltty-udev.service
        - debian/brltty.dirs
        - debian/brltty.udev.rules
        - debian/rules
      + disable brltty.service by default, but enable it if the user configures
        Braille at install time for a non-USB display
        - debian/31brltty
        - debian/rules
      + don't install /etc/brltty.conf in the package
        - debian/31brltty
      + debian/brltty.udev.rules: don't claim generic USB device IDs it leads
        to brltty grabbing serial ports which other devices like Arduinos
        boards can't use anymore, thanks Samuel Thibault (lp: #1958224)

brltty (6.4-6) unstable; urgency=medium

  * patches/paste-newlines: Fix pasting newlines in X with the brltty
  * patches/paste-firefox-lo: Fix pasting into FireFox and LibreOffice.
  * debian/brltty-udeb.prebaseconfig: Use ':' in chown.

brltty (6.4-5) unstable; urgency=medium

  * patches/py310-sysconfig: Fix build with python 3.10 (Closes:

 -- Sebastien Bacher <>  Thu, 12 May 2022 16:01:05

** Changed in: brltty (Ubuntu)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

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  brltty claiming cp210x devices on 22.04

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