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gnome-contacts is an address book and is part of the core GNOME apps. It has all dependencies in main except for folks (which used to be in main).

While this seems to work well in managing your e-d-s based contacts, I'm not sure if there's a particular use for it in Ubuntu. Address book functionality seems tied to your email client of choice which is probably Thunderbird (installed by default, has own tools) or an online service (e.g. GMail, and also has own tools).

Contacts was included by default in previous releases. It has nice integration with shell-search api. User can search contacts in shell and open with gnome-contacts. If they click on any email, it automatically opens compose window of default email client (i.e in this case Thunderbird). A very nice workflow to have.

Beside it can be used to view other vcard information like phone numbers, im-addresses and Thunderbird may not be suitable for this.

And talking about Thunderbird, why there isn't any discussion about default email client?

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