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jan karibjanov <jey.and....@gmail.com> wrote:

> imagine ubuntu would be extracting more value out of tempting to try
An upgraded system for 16.10 turning into you having only openbox to log into 
is definetaly not intended. I think lightdm really makes things easier if I 
just want to log into a window manager for example the tiling window manager i3 
at lightdm is something that is convient for me to have at the display manager 
as I really do not like figuring out how to use startx. I kept reading your 
message multiple times and had a bit of trouble parsing it but this sounds like 
a bad upgrade more than lubuntu trying to force terminal dependence. I will try 
upgrading for 16.04 to 16.10 to see if I get something similar. 
Brendan Perrine <walteror...@gmail.com>

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