Additionaly your software software is just as about as useless in
terms of management as is like "Sorting" or rather "Managing"
something would not that you'd particularly care since the software
really doesn't not care for the Software. Is that not a joke that the
software that's called as such is just epitome of idiocy that follows
after whats in the name.

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 6:45 AM, jan karibjanov <> wrote:
> Installing lubuntu will lead to openbox (only a windows manager)
> appearing as DE, and I'm one of those brave souls who knows that
> terminals exists and decided to explore linux, but people who're
> induced to do so without foreknowledge of heavy terminal reliance of
> linux will most likely presume that to change DE they'd have to run
> another OS install, to then click openbox for the sake of it. I
> imagine ubuntu would be extracting more value out of tempting to try
> it if there was value added of easier DE gateways rather than in your
> face terminal dependency that may make for novelty in itself until you
> try and upgrade to 16.10 to brick your OS since supposedly you did
> poor job of installing DEs.

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